Reduce insurance costs and protect your business with our custom commercial alarm systems

In these uncertain times you want to be sure about your business’s security
It is one thing to know your business assets are safe while you are away; it is another thing to monitor activities in your business during work hours.
Force Security does both.
Save money on Insurance

Force Security has created a niche for itself as a company that protects the safety, security and stability of your business. Our highly qualified technical consultants and implementation staff make sure that we live up to our high performance standards and deliver on time. We want to prove why we are one of the top providers for commercial security systems.

Intrusion Protection

With times being what they are, no one can be too sure about their business’s security. Knowing that your business assets are safe while you are away gives you an unmatched feeling of comfort. And that’s where we come in. We have state of the art equipment and perimeter security solutions to make sure that no unauthorized people get into your business premises.

For instance, you can have infrared barriers installed on doorways and windows to detect intrusion. You can alternatively opt for fence protection systems – sensors that are easily installed on pre-installed structures like fascias, corridors or fences. Fenced yard perimeter systems are configured often by remote control, with commercial alarm monitoring & management software that detects cutting, climbing and lifting.

Video Surveillance

Manage your business like you are there, even when you are away or out of town.

Most business people assume that an alarm system is enough to keep burglars, vandals and trespassers away. Perhaps an alarm is just one of the tools you will use to deter crime. If you’re looking for added protection for keeping tabs on your business premises then you will want video surveillance. Surveillance cameras can be used to record videos and images of significant events at your business, most businesses view remotely in real time.

Access Control

Whether you are a commercial or industrial based business, you can always rely on us for fire protection solutions.

In this category, we offer fire alarms installation and fire suppression systems (fire pumps, nozzles, blankets). We work hard to find you a customized service package that suits your need. The key advantage to a monitored fire detection system device (smoke detector) is to get the fire fighters to your home or business quickly to:

  1. First – Save lives of people and pets
  2. Secondly – Reduce loss of valuables or collectibles such as family photos and letters.


Force Security takes pride in ensuring that you and your business are protected. Thanks to our monitoring systems, you can electronically manage your business wherever you are. Your business’ productivity and efficiency will never take a dip whenever you are away.

Let us show you how our business alarms and security is a good fit for your company.

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